Trophy Update #1 – Killzone: Mercenary; Beyond: Two Souls

I’ve been away from home for a couple of weeks which meant I had more time to play the PS Vita. Although I play it at home as well, I tend to gravitate towards the Big Daddy PS3 (it will soon become the Big Granddaddy when PS4 is here in November). I mostly focused on Killzone: Mercenary. Although I’m not a huge FPS gamer, I enjoyed the single player campaign a lot and also wasn’t totally obliterated in a couple of multiplayer games I played. On the long train ride back home I finished the campaign and got all the single player trophies.

Back home however, there was another gem waiting for me – the polarizing Beyond: Two Souls. I’m around 4-5 hours in and I have to say I enjoy it. It’s not as revolutionary and amazing as I wanted it to be, but I don’t see as many problems with it as I’ve read some people do.

Let me dive into a more detailed discussion of what trophies I unlocked over the past week and what the circumstances around them were. However, as the majority of Beyond trophies are hidden, and I talk about the Killzone campaign, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Killzone: Mercenary


Story-related trophies

killzonebronze trophy_bronze Target Acquired
killzonebronze trophy_bronze
Freshly Baked
Complete mission contract ‘Blood Money’ Burn an enemy in the Lab 01 incinerator in ‘Blood Money’
killzonebronze trophy_bronze Just To Be Sure
killzonebronze trophy_bronze Up Close And Personal
Lock the Admiral in the Vault and detonate the demolition charges in ‘Blood Money’ In ‘Exit Wounds’, successfully melee Benoit from behind

I was pretty much at the end of the campaign with only two missions (out of nine) left. I also decided to go after the contracts (Covert, Precision and Demolition) one mission at a time, i.e. I beat all four variants of the mission before moving on to the next one. I played on the highest difficulty setting – Veteran – and most of the time had no problems with it… until I got to the last mission, but let me leave that for later.


The story itself comes to a neat, if somewhat predictable, conclusion. To be honest, this is the first Killzone game that I’ve played so I can’t compare it to how the other games from the series play and tell a story. The trophies associated with the story are mostly unmissable and unlocked after each mission. Some special ones, such as Freshly Baked or Just To Be Sure are a little bit more tricky but if you beat all the special contracts, it’s also impossible to miss them. The last hidden trophy, Up Close And Personal, can easily be unlocked with the Ghost Van-Guard.

Other single player trophies

killzonebronze trophy_bronzeBoom Headshot! killzonebronze trophy_bronze Master At Arms
Achieve 1000 headshots Use every weapon, grenade, armour and VAN-Guard available in Blackjack’s armoury
killzonesilver trophy_silver Fully Briefed killzonesilver trophy_silver Resolution
Collect all intel items Complete all mission contracts
killzonegold trophy_gold Above And Beyond
killzonesilver trophy_silver Gone Dark
Complete all mission contracts on Veteran difficulty Complete all Covert contracts
killzonesilver trophy_silver Clean House
killzonesilver trophy_silver Perfect Execution
Complete all Demolition contracts Complete all Precision contracts
killzonegold trophy_gold Dedicated To The Cause

Complete all Covert, Demolition and Precision contracts

My favorite section – the completionist single player trophies. I prefer them to multiplayer ones since it’s only up to me to unlock them. There’s no time nor peer pressure so I can easily spend 3 hours trying to beat a mission a certain way with noone bugging me.

The Boom Headshot! trophy unlocked without me going out of my way to get it. My play style is based on a silenced assault rifle and stealth which lends itself to many headshots. I got it on my final playthrough of the final mission so for more shotgun-oriented players this could require some more effort and/or multiplayer games.


Getting all the intel items and using all the available weapons is also pretty straightforward. You can always check in the player profile which items you’re missing as well as if it’s a hackable item or one obtained by interrogation. Similarly, the Medals section give you the body count of each weapon so it’s easy to check which ones have not been used. Still, if you play all the extra contracts, they pretty much make you use most of the equipment. I was only missing one rifle and the jammer Van-Guard which I found useless in single player. Multiplayer gamers will probably unlock it with no extra effort.

The most frustrating trophy to get here was the Dedicated To The Cause one and that’s only because I can’t read. Having played the first 8 missions on Veteran from start to finish I did the same for the final one. I beat the primary contract on Veteran with little problems but then came the extra ones. Try as I might, I was not able to defeat the final boss within 10 minutes WITHOUT restocking my equipment. That’s ridiculous. That meant no ammo resupply, no changing of the guns, no changing of the Van-Guard… Impossible. I finally gave up and decided to look at the trophy description. Not a single word about the difficulty level… Restart, Recruit difficulty, 30 minutes. Boom. Done. The trophies started popping up. Covert contracts – check, Demolition contracts – check, Precision contracts – check. Several silver trophies, a couple of gold ones. All in under an hour – that’s what us trophy hunters like.

Multiplayer trophies

killzonebronze trophy_bronze Get Your Filthy Hands Off

Kill an enemy while they are interrogating a teammate in Multiplayer

So far I spent literally 52 minutes playing multiplayer, according to this amazing page. That’s not much but I’ve never been too keen on playing with other people since I’ve always felt I was too weak to compete. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case so far and I’ve been having fun and moderate success on the Killzone battlefields. This raised my hopes of getting the platinum trophy… eventually. Then again, I’ve played for over 19 hours total so far and got only 4000 kills so it will be quite a grind to get to 10000.

The only multiplayer trophy I got so far was a complete accident. I came across an enemy, killed him, and the trophy popped. Only then did I see my teammate on the ground. Well, good for both of us. We went on to lose the match anyway, so the joy was short lived.

If you’d like to kill some Helghast / ISA forces with me, feel free to add me on PSN. My ID is plpalo.

Beyond: Two Souls


Story-related trophies

beyondbronze trophy_bronze Two Souls
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Somebody Else?
Launched a scene in Duo mode Played as Aiden for the first time
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Obedience
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Cold Blood
Stopped the experiment voluntarily Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Perfect Soldier
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Fight Apprentice
Completed most of the physical training successfully Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Catch Me if You Can
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Channeling Master
Escaped the train without being arrested Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Portal Shutdown
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Money to Eat
Successfully shut down the condenser portal Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Miracles
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Smart Thief
Looked after Tuesday’s baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan Deactivated the supermarket’s camera
beyondsilver trophy_silver Entities Master
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Entities Apprentice
Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities Vanquished the entities with Aiden
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Together Forever
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Sorry
Protected Jodie from her attackers Forgave Jodie’s father
beyondbronze trophy_bronze Not Just Sand

Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits

If you got this far, you probably already beat the game or don’t care about the spoilers. The vast majority of the trophies in Beyond: Two Souls have to do with the story. However, in the first playthrough, I’m not really paying attention to what pops up in the top right-hand corner of my TV. I want to know how the story progresses and for sure I’m not going to stop and go back and try to play a given chapter differently to get another trophy. I will do that, but not before I beat the game once. This is similar to what I did with Heavy Rain and that’s what most players do, given the story-driven nature of those games. Still, I noticed that I got a few trophies for beating a particular action scene with less than X mistakes. I haven’t checked the trophy list for fear of spoilers and I wonder if there are silver trophy equivalents for perfect execution of those parts (the dreaded highway scene from Heavy Rain comes to mind…).


So far, I’m not having problems with what the story is about and how it’s told. I don’t mind the supernatural elements, I understand now that Jodie enabled god-mode (you can’t kill the star of the movie… unless you’re George R.R. Martin) and I’m completely fine with the fact my choices create short-term forks in the plot rather than change it completely. Maybe this makes the game more shallow than Heavy Rain was but the look of it, the sounds and especially the acting make up for it in a way. I’m probably around the half-way point of the plot and haven’t encountered many, if at all, cliched lines or inconsistencies in storytelling. I’m immersed in the world and want to find out what’s really going on and, most importantly, why. I hope I’m not disappointed in the end.


Sure, there are grounds for nitpicking – why can you only do certain stuff to certain people with Aiden? Why is the tether long in one scene and very short in another one? Why can you throw a metal desk but can’t break a wooden window blind? I don’t really agree with those accusations – this is not an open-world game. This is an interactive movie, closer to point-and-click adventure games. I never complained that some puzzles in Syberia or Broken Sword had to be solved the way the designer wanted them to be solved. That’s the nature of the game. Period. Do I sometimes feel limited? Yes, I do. Still, it’s only maybe 5% less than what I expected and saw in the materials released before launch. The gameplay is fine if you know what you’re getting into. It’s not Watch_Dogs.

Well, I was supposed to write about trophies and went on an apologetic rant. However, describing the trophies would mean retelling the story and I don’t think it makes sense. If you haven’t played the game yet, do it and see for yourself if you love it or hate it. If you don’t want to spend money (the metal case in the special edition is really cool and doubles nicely as a coaster) watch YouTube videos with the complete story – they’re bound to pop up soon.

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