Trophy Update #5 – PS4 edition – The Playroom, Resogun, Killzone: Shadowfall, Just Dance 2014

So the European region is now more than a week into the PS4 extravaganza and, even though there aren’t that many new titles available, trophies have started to become unlocked and the next-gen hunt has begun. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put as many hours into the new system as I would have liked to but I still managed to at least try all of the games that I had available during the first week. Thanks to PlayStation+ I had lots of fun with Contrast, which I already completed 100%, and Resogun. I started playing Killzone: Shadowfall, which came with the Player’s Edition of the console. I also decided to buy a party game for the launch party I organized and I got Just Dance 2014. During the same party we gave Playroom a chance too.

An honorable mention goes to Sound Shapes, which I synced from the cloud and unlocked 1 1 72 just like that. Some call it cheating but I call it free trophies and this little trick helped me break the 1000th position on the leaderboards list in Poland, which I’ve been steadily approaching for some time now. There’s no way I’ll ever come close the top 100 – I have nowhere near the time and will as some other hardcore trophy hunters do – but occupying a three-digit spot is also quite cool.

One more thing I’d like to add – all the screenshots in this post has been taken by me using the share functionality of the PS4, which is amazing. Too bad that it isn’t possible to simply download the image and video files to a storage device directly but the quality of the captured moments is more than satisfactory. I’d love to see what fun or glitchy clips or stills you managed to grab so far. Post links in the comments below the post!

The Playroom

trop_playroom trophy_bronze Lovely meeting you!
trop_playroom trophy_bronze Secret Night Club
Release ASOBI into your room. Create a little beat routine for the AR Bots to dance to.
trop_playroom trophy_bronze Wait! Is it one, two, and we go on three?
trop_playroom trophy_silver Super Rally!
Stay synched up and release the AR Hockey playfield. Make a rally last more than 10 hits.
trop_playroom trophy_bronze Lightning Speed!
Score by using a boost attack.

This was the first game we played at the small launch party I organized for my friends. Playroom comes pre-installed with each PS4 and is kind of a showcase of the new possibilities that the PS4 Camera and the Dualshock 4 offer. At this point, the capabilities of Playroom are rather limited with only three ‘mini-games’ included. We can play with a single bot, ASOBI (Japanese for ‘play’ or ‘game’), with a handful of smaller AR bots, or play Pong and that’s about it. The Playroom platform will hopefully to be extended and even serious game designers, such as Tim Schafer from Double Fine, said they would develop something on it. It’s a fun way to occupy some of the non-gamer friends or smaller kids with the system. Celebrities can have fun, too.

Get off my screen!!
Get off my screen!!

I like the fact that such a game, or an app, exists, as it allows to see what the camera and the controller offer. The body tracking works very well when playing with ASOBI. I was able to tickle and punch the little robot without any problems and it successfully avoided my hands when I was trying to catch him. The camera also had no problems tracking the DS4 back light, turning it into a sucking machine to catch all the AR bots running around the living room or into a pong paddle that was not only able to hit the ball but also to warp the playing field.

System check... OK
System check… OK

All those features are cool and writing code for Playroom could be helpful for developers who wanted to test the waters before diving into a bigger title. With all the dev support Sony seems to be providing with the new system, we should be looking forward to many great games, utilizing those new fancy capabilities.

As far as trophies are concerned, Playroom is also a good source of some easy ones. Playing the game for literally 10 minutes netted me 5 trophies, including 1, and examining the trophy list shows that getting 100% of them won’t be a problem and it is going to be fun. I only hope that Don’t try this at home won’t destroy my TV…

Also, this: (no, that’s not me )

Just Dance 2014

trop_justdance trophy_bronze Just Dance!
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Rising star
Complete your first song Get 3 stars on a song
trop_justdance trophy_bronze 3-star Performances
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Shooting star
Get 3 stars on 5 songs Get 5 Stars on a song
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Shiny!
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Grooves with friends
Perform all Gold Moves in a song Finish 5 songs with 2 or more players dancing
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Perfect to the very end!
trop_justdance trophy_silver Perfect C-O-M-B-O
Get a Perfect Move on the last move of a song Get 10 Perfect Moves in a row in any song
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Float like a butterfly…
trop_justdance trophy_bronze Happy Viewing
Win a Battle Make a rally last more than 10 hits.
trop_justdance trophy_bronze I ain’t afraid of no ghost
Dance as Slimer in Ghostbusters

The only dance game that I previously played was a Dance Dance Revolution clone for the PC that used those cheap dancing mats and played mostly some obscure anime songs that were almost undanceable – they were simply too difficult. However, I’ve seen some YouTube videos of people playing the Just Dance series and having genuine fun so I decided that would be a perfect game to try out with my friends and family who aren’t gamers. I still think owning a game such as this one is a good idea, but I can’t say that Just Dance 2014 is the correct title to fill that spot on the PS4.

The game allows the dancers to play with the Move controllers or it can use the raw feed from the camera to detect how good they are doing. Unfortunately, Ubisoft didn’t try very hard to port Just Dance 2014 to Sony’s new console, since the camera-only mode is broken. The game detects other people in the room who aren’t actively playing and it swaps between dancers in multiplayer events, which renders the scoring system useless. Fortunately, the target audience being non-gamers, this doesn’t mean that the game can’t be fun. My friends and I have played it for over an hour on two occasions and simply tried to follow the dance move instructions, without paying much attention to the scores and we enjoyed ourselves very much. The most hilarious part of the game are the after-dance highlights which always manage to catch and loop the most ridiculous parts of the performance. Spying on other people sharing their own clips is also very entertaining.

From a trophy hunter’s point of view, the fact that the camera support in this title is weak, may mean that it will be tough to get some of the trophies that require good performances. However, we already managed to unlock some of those, including Perfect C-O-M-B-O and Shooting star. Well, sometimes the game works in our favor, I guess. I’m not sure I will actively pursue the Platinum trophy in Just Dance 2014 and I’d rather have it come naturally, because I’m sure this game will be played on many more occasions when friends come over, irregardless of its issues.

You should already know that I’m a sucker for pop-culture references in trophies so I can’t not comment on the I ain’t afraid of no ghost! trophy. I also have to thank the camera problems for this one, because neither me nor my friend started the song as Slimer. However, in the course of playing it, we probably cycled through all four dancers at least twice, which unlocked the trophy. Thanks, Ubisoft!

Killzone: Shadowfall

trop_killzone trophy_bronze The Father
trop_killzone trophy_bronze The Shadow
Complete level ‘The Father’ Complete level ‘The Shadow’
trop_killzone trophy_bronze The Doctor
Complete level ‘The Doctor’

This is the big one, this is the one we’ve all been waiting for. And so far, I am not disappointed. Sure, I only played through the first three missions, but I can already say that if this is what we’re getting at launch, I can’t wait to see what games we’ll see in two-three years. Killzone looks amazing, sometimes even too well. I’ve had problems seeing Helghan soldiers among the trees and vegetation in the first mission, everything looked so natural and alive. I’m slowly getting used to it but it will still take some time.

The only three trophies that I unlocked so far are story-related but I had a look at the trophy list and it’s a daunting one, especially because of the multiplayer challenges. I’m not big on multiplayer shooters, but I played a round or two already and I rather enjoyed it so maybe I’ll get there on my own pace. I’m also a bit worried about the Shadows Cannot Be Killed trophy. Not dying at all in the game will not be an easy task although it should be achievable on the easiest mode. I’ve been playing on Hard to limit the number of playthroughs required to get 100% and it has been challenging. Thankfully, this can be done using chapter select so there’s still a chance I’ll get there.

What a wonderful day...
What a wonderful day…

There are many collectible items in the game, ranging from dossiers, to audiologs to comic book pages. The latter are especially fun, since they form an entire issue of a comic book, once all are collected. Also, the collected audiologs play using the built-in Dualshock 4 speaker, which I think is an excellent idea and brings the player more into the game world. What is very helpful is that the game tells you how many collectibles from each chapter are missing and it even allows you to only play a particular section of a chapter to find the particular item. This will come in very handy during the cleanup playthrough.

... not so much anymore
… not so much anymore

Unlocking the Platinum in Killzone: Shadowfall, will be a challenge, but one I’m willing to take up. If you’d like to encourage me to do it, please vote on this title in the poll I posted recently. Or, you can also give the next game a chance.


trop_resogun trophy_bronze Elected official
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Certified electrician
Complete Acis Complete Ceres
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Store no more
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Micromanagement
Complete Decima Save two humans within a span of one second
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Denied!
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Savior of Acis
Save a human from Abductor’s beam Save all humans on Acis
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Savior of Decima
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Savior
Save all humans on Decima Save a human
trop_resogun trophy_bronze (1+4)x
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Let fly!
Get a multiplier of 5x Throw a human to the escape pod
trop_resogun trophy_bronze Power
Fully upgrade the overdrive

Everyone raved so much about Resogun. The expectations were extremely high. A spiritual successor to Super Stardust, developed by the same studio that did one of my favorite PS3 games – Dead Nation – that is, Housemarque. A throwback to old-school arcade games that make you try again and again to beat the high score and show your friends who the boss is. So far, Resogun hasn’t failed me, although I’m not too good at it… yet. I only beat the first three planets and I find it very difficult to save all the humans consistently. I’m still learning how the various enemies behave, and I have to say I’m positively surprised by the diversity of the aliens. Some of them actively follow the player’s ship, some of them project laser that block the path. There are jumping spider-like creatures and ones that resemble jellyfish. There’s always so much happening on the screen, there’s little time to pause and just examine how well the game looks without risking one of the precious lives.

Boosting saves lives... by destroying enemy aliens
Boosting saves lives… by destroying enemy aliens

I’ve already seen a number of players getting the Platinum trophy in Resogun and it certainly seems achievable. The way to go here is repetition and trying to learn the patterns the game is based on. In all the levels, the enemies always do the same thing in the same order so it’s just a matter of practice before the game can be mastered. I don’t lack determination when it comes to games like this and I enjoy it enough to keep on trying and dying and dying and trying again, to finally reach the ultimate goal. Too bad that I’m struggling on the Experienced difficulty level at this point so the way ahead of me is not going to be an easy one. So far, Resogun is leading the vote for the next game I should beat 100%, so I’d better prepare mentally for that challenge.

I already managed to unlock the two-humans one-second trophy, Micromanagement, which seemed impossible at first. Fortunately, I got inspired by the circus in Contrast and performed a magnificent juggling act that brought the two little green men into the beam in a very swift and visually pleasing fashion. I don’t understand, however, why beating the two last planets unlocks a trophy_silver and trophy_gold trophy, respectively, while saving all humans there is worth only trophy_bronze. Makes no sense.

Welcome to Cirque de Resogun. Enjoy the show!
Welcome to Cirque de Resogun. Enjoy the show!

Give me feedback!

I would love to hear from you about your first experiences with the PS4. What interesting trophies did you unlock? What games are you playing most? Do you have any tips and tricks for Resogun? Would you like to play some Killzone multiplayer or Resogun co-op? Let me know in the comments below the post and feel free to add me to your PSN friends list – plpalo.


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