Platinum Tracker – Resogun (#32)

The choice to beat this particular game was made by you, the readers, who took part in my poll, asking for help in deciding which title to 100% next. Resogun beat The Last of Us which is still waiting for its turn. Thanks for taking part and I hope you will also help me next time I’m inflicted with analysis paralysis. So, after a longer than expected Christmas and New Year’s break, let’s go back to the bronze, silver, gold and platinum colors that we love best.

The PlayStation 4 has been with us for over a month now but the flow of games has not yet really started. Other than the launch titles we still need to wait a couple of months for new ones, excluding smaller games and ports from previous systems. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to play and my trophy adventures on the PS4 are proving it. I already beat Contrast, a rather pleasant platformer game, which I discussed not long ago on the blog. After that, I moved on to the second game Sony offered for free to PlayStation Plus members – Resogun.

A spiritual successor to Super Stardust, developed by Housemarque, many gamers have anxiously awaited Resogun more than most of the other launch titles. I have never played the previous space shooter by the Finnish studio but I did beat Super Stardust Delta on the PlayStation Vita and I still put Dead Nation near the top of my favorite PlayStation 3 games so I looked forward to Resogun, however with less excitement than many others.

It turns out that the game was worth waiting for, as it brings an old-school shooter vibe to the new platform and with simple controls and even simpler gameplay allows the player to lose him or herself in the fight against vicious aliens. Moving on a cylindrical surface, being able to shoot only left or right, the player controls a space ship which has only one objective – ‘Save all humans’. Well, that’s a bit misleading. The main objective of the game is to beat the hordes of alien spacecraft and five bosses, while saving humans is an extra activity that awards powerups. Similar to other games in this genre, the collected powerups increase firepower, add shields to the spaceship or give extra points.


Other than the upgradeable main gun, the player can use the boost ability or the overdrive weapon to dispose of the enemies and making use of those extra features properly is crucial when trying to climb the leaderboards by maximizing the number of points. It’s not difficult to familiarize oneself with all the tricks of the ship but mastering them and knowing when to use them best is something that requires many attempts. Also, there are three different ships available, differing in the boost and overdrive powers as well as speed. Obviously, in order to get the platinum trophy, the game has to be beaten using all three of them.

From time to time, a group of Keepers will appear, and destroying all of them will free one of the humans locked up to that point in the columns around the planet. There’s a limited amount of time before another alien ship appears and tries to steal him back so the player needs to be quick in grabbing him and delivering to a safety beacon. This mechanic adds another fun layer to the game, which wouldn’t be as exciting without it. It’s often the case that getting to the human and/or the beacon means diving deeper behind enemy lines and putting the player-controlled ship in danger. Trading off risks for extra gains happens all the time in Resogun and keeps the game alive.

Got it! Pay no attention to the lowly score


The game looks really well and uses the fashionable voxel technology. Things are moving on the screen all the time and there’s always something for the player to do, whether it’s shooting enemies and watching them blow in into millions of pieces, collecting random powerups or looking for the little green men, who are humans in this case, contrary to popular belief. The sound effects and music are also fine but, when grinding for trophies, this was one of the games that I could play while listening to something else. One interesting fact is that Resogun uses the built-in controller speaker to announce messages during gameplay. I really like how developers instantly found ways to use the extra features of the new Dualshock 4 controller.

All in all, Resogun is certainly a game worth recommending, especially to those gamers who are leaderboards maniacs and will spend tens or even hundreds of hours trying to improve their high score and beat the friends and strangers in the world standings. I’m not one of them, but unlocking the platinum trophy was not a grind at all and I really enjoyed it and still put many hours into it.

Memorable Trophies

plat_motorstorm trophy_silver Micromanagement
Save two humans within a span of one second

I already wrote about this trophy in one of the trophy update posts but it’s fun enough for me to write about it again. Saving two humans within a span of one second seemed impossible the first time I read the trophy description. I tried protecting one of the released humans while waiting for another group of Keepers to appear but even with two green men just next to the beacon I still couldn’t make it in time. I wasn’t desperate yet so I didn’t look online for tips but tips found me while listening to one of the gaming podcasts. This trophy is very simple if you use the ship’s ‘juggling’ feature, that is releasing the human that’s already on board. If you do this with two green men it’s just a matter of moving towards a beacon and throwing them there in rapid succession. It took me two or three tries to do it but in the end it was a piece of cake. Watch out not to drop them, though, since there are sections of the planet that have no ‘floor’ and the human will fall to his or her death.

plat_motorstorm trophy_silver How do I stop this thing?
Kill 50 enemies with one boost
plat_motorstorm trophy_silver Congratulations on your driver’s license
Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only

Boost is one of my favorite ‘weapons’ in the game. I beat the game on Veteran difficulty with the Nemesis ship which offers the best boost and speed but the worst overdrive, which I rarely even used. When using boost, the ship is indestructible and blows up enemies, any enemies, by simply flying through them. On top of that, at the end of each run, the ship emits a blast, destroying everything within its radius. Also, mowing down enemies while boosting, prolongs the boost, which turns it into a perpetum mobile killing machine. There are many sections in the game, especially on later planets, where there are swarms of small aliens and also bigger ones flying around the planet in an organized manner. Not only is it easy to fly through them in bulk, looping the world several times, it’s also very rewarding and extremely fun.

plat_motorstorm trophy_silver Masterful dodger of revenge bullets and stuff alike
Complete a level on Master difficulty

I beat the game on Veteran difficulty. I unlocked Master. I played the first planet. I got destroyed almost immediately. Everything moves faster, there are more enemies and they shoot you back with ‘revenge bullets’ everytime they get hit. This is no country for old and inflexible men. I managed to beat Acis, the first planet, on Master difficulty and it was the most challenging trophy to get, next to the 15x mutliplayer one. I liked the challenge, I always do, but with no further trophies to get on that difficulty and with my lack of interest in climbing up the leaderboards, I won’t be coming back to the hellish world of revenge bullets again.

trophy_platinum I came, I saw, I blew stuff up
Get all trophies

As you can see, contrary to some of my previous posts, I do play newer games and I do beat them entirely. Resogun was a fun experience with many challenging trophies and a rewarding Platinum at the end, which is rather uncommon for PSN titles. Even though I have not been writing during the holiday break, I have been playing and I even managed to get another Platinum trophy. I’m not sure if this is already a sign of addiction or just laziness… Anyway, later this week expect a blog post on a game by one of the best developers for the PlayStation systems – Naughty Dog. Let me just say that it will take us quite a while back.


2 thoughts on “Platinum Tracker – Resogun (#32)

  1. I feel like this game is satisfying whether you play it in small intervals or if you delve in for hours. I still have fun playing a quick match before sinking my teeth into AC4 or Killzone SF. Definetly has that next-gen feel and look. Should keep you going through this drought.

    1. It’s a perfect filler game once you’ve beaten it. I never was a fan of online leaderboards in games that much so I won’t be spending hours trying to climb my way up them, especially since I know some pros are using special tricks to boost their scores 🙂

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