I am a PhD student at the Technical University of Łódź in Poland, desperately trying to graduate in the next couple of years. After many years of playing PC games I decided I no longer had the time, energy and money to constantly upgrade my PC to be able to play games. I took a break from gaming to focus on other things.

I came back to it buying a PlayStation 3 in 2010 and I got hooked again. In 2012 I bought a PlayStation Vita. Both consoles provide endless hours of gaming fun as well as trophies, which I enjoy getting. Yes, I am a trophy whore. I will not play Hannah Montana games to get easy Platinums but I will try to play a game until I have them all. In my blog I will tell you about my adventures with games and trophies on all Sony platforms.

Feel free to add me on PSN. My PSN ID is plpalo.

Also, find me on Playfire.

You can follow me on Twitter.


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