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Platinum Tracker – Resogun (#32)

The choice to beat this particular game was made by you, the readers, who took part in my poll, asking for help in deciding which title to 100% next. Resogun beat The Last of Us which is still waiting for its turn. Thanks for taking part and I hope you will also help me next time I’m inflicted with analysis paralysis. So, after a longer than expected Christmas and New Year’s break, let’s go back to the bronze, silver, gold and platinum colors that we love best.

The PlayStation 4 has been with us for over a month now but the flow of games has not yet really started. Other than the launch titles we still need to wait a couple of months for new ones, excluding smaller games and ports from previous systems. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to play and my trophy adventures on the PS4 are proving it. I already beat Contrast, a rather pleasant platformer game, which I discussed not long ago on the blog. After that, I moved on to the second game Sony offered for free to PlayStation Plus members – Resogun.

A spiritual successor to Super Stardust, developed by Housemarque, many gamers have anxiously awaited Resogun more than most of the other launch titles. I have never played the previous space shooter by the Finnish studio but I did beat Super Stardust Delta on the PlayStation Vita and I still put Dead Nation near the top of my favorite PlayStation 3 games so I looked forward to Resogun, however with less excitement than many others.

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Trophy Update #5 – PS4 edition – The Playroom, Resogun, Killzone: Shadowfall, Just Dance 2014

So the European region is now more than a week into the PS4 extravaganza and, even though there aren’t that many new titles available, trophies have started to become unlocked and the next-gen hunt has begun. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to put as many hours into the new system as I would have liked to but I still managed to at least try all of the games that I had available during the first week. Thanks to PlayStation+ I had lots of fun with Contrast, which I already completed 100%, and Resogun. I started playing Killzone: Shadowfall, which came with the Player’s Edition of the console. I also decided to buy a party game for the launch party I organized and I got Just Dance 2014. During the same party we gave Playroom a chance too.

An honorable mention goes to Sound Shapes, which I synced from the cloud and unlocked 1 1 72 just like that. Some call it cheating but I call it free trophies and this little trick helped me break the 1000th position on the leaderboards list in Poland, which I’ve been steadily approaching for some time now. There’s no way I’ll ever come close the top 100 – I have nowhere near the time and will as some other hardcore trophy hunters do – but occupying a three-digit spot is also quite cool.

One more thing I’d like to add – all the screenshots in this post has been taken by me using the share functionality of the PS4, which is amazing. Too bad that it isn’t possible to simply download the image and video files to a storage device directly but the quality of the captured moments is more than satisfactory. I’d love to see what fun or glitchy clips or stills you managed to grab so far. Post links in the comments below the post!

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